I have always been searching for different ways to capture the beauty of the everyday objects and then communicate that to others. My modus operandi is to create elegant images that are tinged with my own sense of irony. Being the only one I know who does not drink nor obsess over the smallest detail about the grinding, brewing, and drinking of coffee, I thought coffee would be the perfect springboard for me.

A few years ago I began to document the abandoned coffee cups that I found casually discarded with complete disregard for the environment. Not participating in the morning ritual of slowly savoring a cup of coffee, I found myself with a perfect time slot to document the latest wave of garbage graffiti that seems to be everywhere. I would walk from Chelsea up to Midtown, down the highway to Tribeca, and then across SoHo to the Lower East Side, where I documented the detritus while I waited for the rest of the City to wake up.

I realized that New Yorkers, no matter their socioeconomic status, were leaving their tags all over the City. This is the new graffiti, and whether it is City Bakery, Starbucks, or Jacques Torres, the city is covered in beautiful litter left behind by busy multi-taskers with no time to properly discard their coffee cups. I hope these photographs, like all of my images, challenge people to reconsider what they see everyday, questioning what is trash and what is beauty, or can something be both?